Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships Round 4

Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships Round 4

Lancashire Twinshock Club

Eskham House Farm, Garstang

Report Geoff Shuttleworth

Pictures John Lupton & Andrew Fairclough

The Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships passed the half way point of the season, when the Lancashire Twinshock club hosted round four at Garstang on Sunday. The event was supported by Pemberton Tyres, and the club worked really hard to quell any dust caused by the sweltering conditions. The track was set up from scratch, as it had not been used all year, and the early conditions saw wet grass catch quite a few out until the near 200 rider entry had completed practice.

The Hazport Vets were first to the line this week, and it was series leader Danny Blakeley who took the overall with two wins and a second. Rick Du-Feu got quicker with each race, and took race three to claim second overall by one point from Jonno White in third. Local rider David Bennett who had been on digger duty all weekend, took fourth from Garry Jones and Steve Ward.

Mike Allport, who had to leave the event early, still took the Over 50 vets class from David Clayborn and Mark Bowden.

The CI Sport Inters class was won by the consistent Dan Hardy who carded 3-2-3 on the day, to take the overall from former Clubman champion Dean Gray in second. James Curtis looked to be the fastest rider in the class, but an off in race one scuppered his chance of victory, although he did go on to win races two and three. Matt Bennett recorded his best result to date in fourth, in front of Nigel Sowerby. It was also good to see returnees Gav Baldwin from New Zealand and his old adversaries Jamie Lawrence and Alan Wood return to the fray.

A sparse Wulfsport Expert class still had some of the closest racing we have seen all year, with a five way tussle for supremacy between the fastest twinshock riders in the country. And for once Barry Turnbull on the JR Racing Honda, had to work overtime to overcome the opposition. Just to emphasise the speed of this class, Barry turned in the fastest lap of the day, even faster than the modern and evo class riders. In race one he came from behind to take the victory from Jamie Jackson, who was still suffering from illness. The second was won by a flying David Campbell, from Turnbull, Michael Smith and Lee Holland, and then the decider went to Turnbull from Campbell, and, Holland, with Irelands Jon McBride in a superb fourth. So Turnbull ended the day extending his series lead, with the overall in the battle for the coveted red plate, with Campbell second overall from Holland and Jackson.

The MRH 125 Evo class never fails to impress, and although Andy Lawton took a well deserved race one victory, it was arch rival Jacob Joyce, who took the next two wins to take the top podium step. Both riders were on Steve Clitheroe prepped Hondas, and it is hard to see another rider topping them this year, although John Butler in third is certainly not throwing the towel in just yet. Nathan Marsden rode really well for fourth from Jonno White in fifth.

The 125 Twinshock class went to reigning champ John Davis, who took all three wins, and was again mixing it with the newer Evo 125’s. Mark Burrows missed out on second after a rear puncture put him out of the reckoning after two second places. But Steve Riley took advantage to take silver from Dave Ellis in third.

Willie Burgess put on a master class in the MD Racing Over 50 twinshocks, with three storming wins, with no other rider getting anywhere near his rear wheel all day. Event sponsor Alan Bott, followed Willie home in each leg to take second overall, and Jerseys Wayne Le Marquand had his best result to date on the Marsh HPF Honda in third. Tim Sabine and Chris Cannon took fourth and fifth to complete the podium.

The Over 60’s used the split start, and although series leader Graham Challis took the first race win, Martin Snape on the Kawasaki, got into his stride taking the next two to take a great overall victory. Challis came home in second from Alan Hambridge and Allan Williamson.

There were three different race winners in the Woodys Vintage Honda Evolution class.

Danny Blakeley took race one, but I think the heat and the pressure of doing two classes may have told on him later in the day. Michael Ogden took victory in the second race, for his maiden win in the class, but it was former GP runner David Campbell who took race three, on the big Honda to take the spoils with first place on the podium from Ogden, Blakeley, Michael Smith and Jamie Dobson.

The LPE Clubman class was a closely contested class, but at the end of the day it was club member Kev Smith, who was returning to action after a number of years out, who reigned supreme with a seventh and two hard fought wins, to take not only the overall, but the Martindales Rider of the Meeting award.

Mike Tucker won race one, which helped him get second in class, Gavin Cole went top four in each race to take third, from series leader Simon Bentley, and Luke Freudenau had his best result ever in fifth from Lucy Tilzey.

There was a modern support class added to the programme, and Jimmy Margetson showed his class, taking three emphatic race wins for the top step of the podium. Joe Wilkinson followed Jimmy home to take second from the 125 evo boys Jacob Joyce and Andy Lawton.

The next round is at Wilberfoss, York on July 23.

Martindales Rider of the Meeting – Kev Smith.

Hazport Veterans Over 40’s

1 Danny Blakeley, 2 Rick Du-Feu, 3 Jonno White, 4 David Bennett, 5 Garry Jones,

6 Steve Ward.

Hazport Veterans Over 50’s

1 Mike Allport, 2 David Clayborn, 3 Mark Bowden, 4 Dave Ibbison, 5 Chris Rowlands,

6 Mark Tilzey.

CI Sport Inters

1 Dan Hardy, 2 Dean Gray, 3 James Curtis, 4 Matt Bennett, 5 Nigel Sowerby,

6 Glyn Lawrence.

Wulfsport Experts

1 Barry Turnbull, 2 David Campbell, 3 Lee Holland, 4 Jamie Jackson, 5 Michael Smith,

6 Ben Margetson.

Falcon Shocks Best 250 – Jamie Biddulph.

MRH Consultants 125 Twinshock

1 John Davis, 2 Steve Riley, 3 Dave Ellis, 4 Tim Grindrod, 5 Mark Burrows, 6 Jordan Brownrigg.

MRH Consultants 125 Evolution

1 Jacob Joyce, 2 Andy Lawton, 3 John Butler, 4 Nathan Marsden, 5 Jonno White, 6 Andy Wilkes.

MD Racing Over 50’s

1 Willie Burgess, 2 Alan Bott, 3 Wayne Le Marquand, 4 Tim Sabine, 5 Chris Cannon,

6 Ivor Gilford.

MD Racing Over 60’s

1 Martin Snape, 2 Graham Challis, 3 Alan Hambridge, 4 Allan Williamson, 5 Bill Brown,

6 David Robb.

Woody Vintage Off Road Honda Evolution

1 David Campbell, 2 Michael Ogden, 3 Danny Blakeley, 4 Michael Smith, 5 Jamie Dobson,

6 Conor Smith.

LPE Clubman

1 Kev Smith, 2 Mike Tucker, 3 Gavin Cole, 4 Simon Bentley, 5 Luke Freudenau,

6 Lucy Tilzey

Modern Class

1 Jimmy Margetson, 2 Joe Wilkinson, 3 Jacob Joyce, 4 Andy Lawton, 5 Frazer Clarke,

6 Andy Hinchliffe.


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