Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships Round 1

Cumbria Twinshock Club

Stipers Hill, Polesworth

Report Geoff Shuttleworth

Pictures Andrew Fairclough Photography

New Kids on the Block

The opening round of the 2019 Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships took place at Polesworth last weekend, as it has done for the last fifteen years. The Cumbria Twinshock Club event was supported by Moto Sports Services from Haydock, and attracted an entry of over 260 eager riders. The club as always ran a very slick event, and had the track watered early to avoid dust, which worked a treat, although the old quarry began to show its core by the end of the days racing. The 24 race programme ran like clockwork, with only one mishap as local Inters rider Jamie Lawrence ended his day with a visit to A&E. Get well soon Jamie.

There were a whole host of riders new to the series, and several of them ended up on the various podiums, seeing a changing of the old guard.

First up were the Wulfsport Experts, who race alongside the Falcon Shock 250’s and the MRH 125 twinshocks. And it was former speedway star Matt Williamson, who had a dream debut, winning the first experts race from Jimmy Margetson and Barry Turnbull. But it was overall winner Jimmy Margetson, who then took control, reeling off two race wins, beating Williamson by seven points to take it. Third place went to another new rider, with Bryn Clarke squeezing everything out of his Maico to just pip Luke Hill on the PDS Triumph on a tie break. Ben Margetson took fifth with three very consistent rides.

Andy Hinchliffe was on fire on the little Honda, and took three wins in the 125’s, to take overall victory, beating two former champions John Davis and Matt Rudd. Mark Burrows and Robin Cowgill battled to fourth and fifth.

Stevie Denton returned to the fray for another season in the 250’s, and took the first two wins and a second to win the class. Jim Shand was second after winning the final race. And Matt Bennetts move from the Inters proved successful after he took the final podium step. Steve Riley just got the beating of Dave Ellis by a single point to take fourth.

Irelands Willie Burgess started where he left off last year, by dominating the MotoX Concepts Over 50 Twinshock class, and took three unchallenged wins for the overall. Alan Bott went 4-3-2 for a great second place, and but for a last race off, Tim Sabine may well have improved on his third place after a third and second in the first two motos. Paul Lippitt blasted his big four stroke into fourth just in front of Andy Holland.

There was a good showing in the Over 60’s races, and Wayne Le Marquand was the man to beat, as he reeled off a trio of wins. Norman Emery was back in the saddle, and was well pleased with runner up. Alan Hambridge took third from Jon Wood and Alan Hardy.

In the MRH Consultants 125 Evo class, reigning champion Shane Holmes looked to be in control of things as he raced to the first two wins, but machine problems left him empty handed. Up stepped Andy Lawton who won the overall with a 3-2-2 scorecard, to lead the series. Lee Holland battled away in the super fast class, and took the runner up berth, with Jack May, David Blackburn, and Holmes taking the final silverware.

The Black Art Tuning Clubman class saw some really close racing, especially in race one as Mark Gardner beat Lucy Tilzey by 0.3 of a second. But after that Lucy made no mistakes, and secured two fine wins to win the class and with it, take the Martindales Rider of the Meeting award. Gardner stayed top three all day and took runner up, and Steve Hakes was another rider who stepped it up to take third, from Danny Braddick and Chris Reynolds.

The final twinshock class was the CI Sport Inters, and another man at the top of his game was David Hopkins on the Husky, taking all three victories to win. His nearest challenger was Ben Weaver in second with a couple of second places, just seeing off Carl Hodgson on a tie break. Chris Lambourne and Ben Braddick filled fourth and fifth.

The Woodys Vintage Honda Evo Open class saw Barry Turnbull, finally getting to grips with things, and although he finished a lowly fourth in race one, he managed to claw it back with two victories to win the class by a single point from Matt Williamson who won race one. Jamie Dobson took his big Kawasaki to third, from Chris Sanders. Shane Holmes had posted two seconds, but a DNF in race three left him in fifth.

The all new Mauds Café Super Evo Class took to the line, with Chris Hind winning the first two, and settling for fourth in race three to take the overall by a single point from third race winner Jake Moss in second. Tom Holland took third place from Sam Vickers and Lee Harris.

The full line up of riders in the Hazport Vets Modern Over 40’s certainly woke the village up as they blasted off up the start straight, but it was two stroke Yamaha mounted Danny Blakeley who won the overall with two race wins and a fourth place. He had some close battles, and none better than with third race winner Simon Bonser, who had to battle through the pack to get on terms. Blakeley takes a seven point lead over Bonser to Hawkstone for the next round. Jon McBrides debut in the Vets was a revelation and he took a great third overall. Fourth went to Grant Hacking, who led quite a few laps on the day but just couldn’t hold off the leaders on the final laps. Top of the Over 50 Vets Modern went to Nev King, another debutant, with Gary Henson and Mark Spruce in second and third.

The West Mids Evo Pre-85’s all set off together, and Jonathan Tapp seems to be the man to beat, although Jordan Davies did beat him in the final race. Matt Hitchman was also up there on the four stroke and it made for some good racing. When the dust had settled, the overall winners were Hitchman, Jake Chamberlain, Dean Warren and Jonathan Tapp.

The second round is the Matt Murphy Memorial event at Hawkstone Park on Saturday May 4.

Martindales Rider of the Meeting – Lucy Tilzey

Wulfsport Experts Twinshock

1 Jimmy Margetson, 2 Matt Williamson, 3 Bryn Clarke, 4 Luke Hill, 5 Ben Margetson, 6 Barry Turnbull.

Falcon Shocks 250 Twinshock

1 Stevie Denton, 2 Jim Shand, 3 Matt Bennett, 4 Steve Riley, 5 Dave Ellis, 6 Russ Hartill.

MRH Consultants 125 Twinshock

1 Andy Hinchliffe, 2 John Davis, 3 Matt Rudd, 4 Mark Burrows, 5 Robin Cowgill, 6 Jason Herring.

MotoX Concepts Over 50’s Twinshock

1 Willie Burgess, 2 Alan Bott, 3 Tim Sabine, 4 Paul Lippitt, 5 Andy Holland, 6 Pete Williamson.

MotoX Concepts Over 60’s Twinshock

1 Wayne Le Marquand, 2 Norman Emery, 3 Alan Hambridge, 4 Jon Wood, 5 Alan Hardy,

6 Chris Smejkal.

MRH Consultants 125 Evolution

1 Andy Lawton, 2 Lee Holland, 3 Jack May, 4 David Blackburn, 5 Shane Holmes, 6 Richard Sharp.

Black Art Tuning Clubman Twinshock

1 Lucy Tilzey, 2 Mark Gardner, 3 Steve Hakes, 4 Danny Braddick, 5 Chris Reynolds, 6 Paul Spencer.

CI Sport Inters Twinshock

1 David Hopkins, 2 Ben Weaver, 3 Carl Hodgson, 4 Chris Lambourne, 5 Ben Braddick,

6 Mark Lakeland.

Woody Vintage Off Road Honda Evolution

1 Barry Turnbull, 2 Matt Williamson, 3 Jamie Dobson, 4 Chris Sanders, 5 Shane Holmes,

6 Jamie Simpson.

Mauds Café Pontefract Super Evos

1 Chris Hind, 2 Jake Moss, 3 Brett Revell, 4 Lee Brown, 5 Tom Holland, 6 Sam Vickers.

Hazport Veterans Over 40’s

1 Danny Blakeley, 2 Simon Bonser, 3 Jon McBride, 4 Grant Hacking, 5 Darren Dobson,

6 Nev King.

Hazport Veterans Over 50’s

1 Nev King, 2 Gary Henson, 3 Mark Spruce, 4 Mike Allport, 5 Adrian Lewis, 6 Mark Bowden.

West Midland Evos 125’s

1 Jake Chamberlain, 2 Zac Hackett, 3 Jacob Griffiths, 4 James Hudson, 5 Kane Winstone,

6 Jordan Hands.

West Midland Evos 250’s

1 Dean Warren, 2 Steve Gray, 3 Jim Shand, 4 Dan Woodman, 5 Steve Chamberlain,

6 Jonathan Smith.

West Midland Evos 500

1 Jonathan Tapp, 2 Jordan Davies, 3 Kevin Reed, 4 Stephen Sparrow, 5 James Reeves,

6 Nathan Smith.


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