Polesworth Entries Open January 18



Although we are currently in lockdown, and not even Mystic Meg can tell us when we will be back to normal, we are going to open entries for Polesworth for REGISTERED RIDERS, and if it does not happen, these entries will roll over to round 2 in May.

Due to the high volume of registrations in every class, it would be wise to get in as quick as you are able, and at round one we will only be able to accept each rider for one class until we see how many places are left.

You have until March 18, after which we will accept entries for our Reserves.

Entries Open Monday 18th January 6pm

Please call Chloe or Heather MONDAY-FRIDAY 6PM-9PM


Registered riders DO NOT have to fill out entry forms for this event, but just call and pay to secure your place.


Farleigh Entries Now Open


NEW DATE FOR 2021 10/11 JULY

Entries Open Monday 11th January 6PM

Entries will only be accepted with payment which secures your place.

Please call Chloe or Heather MONDAY-FRIDAY 6PM-9PM


All classes are TWINSHOCK classes, although yes, we do have WEST MID EVO’s joining us again for this event. Contact Nigel D Green for those entries.

Entry form & IOPD licence form are now under the Entry Form tab.

We are currently monitoring all government guidelines. All our events will run in line with the government guidelines & The IOPD (Covid secure)



OVER 40’s

OVER 50’s

OVER 60’s



PRE 83 125’s




WEST MID EVO’s (must enter with Nigel D Green)



News Update 17-11-20

Well folks we are halfway through the current ‘Lockdown’ and hoping that by April we will be back to some form of normality, COVID permitting. Just in case, we have managed to secure 10,000 vaccines, which we will administer at signing on at Polesworth, but we do need several scantily clad nurses to assist in these duties.

If you can help, please send photos to accompany your application (Discretion assured).

These vaccines will have built in 5G which will also incorporate a MYLAPS transponder, so no need for a bracket, plus we will be able to tell what time you left the beer tent, and whereabouts you are in the paddock when your race is due. But be careful with extra marital activity, as it shows up on the timing screens.

You may already have seen on our Facebook page, ‘Toughsheet National Twinshock Championship’,

that plans are in place to run a seven-round series in 2021.

All registrations and licences from 2020 have been rolled over to 2021, and we have asked riders to contact us by message or email if you would like to continue in the same class and on the same bike.

Most classes are now full or oversubscribed, with just a few places left in some of the twinshock classes. There has been a lot of interest from new riders to the series, and we have just passed our record for registrations, which currently stands at 340 (230 of them Twinshocks).

As you can imagine, with the large number of riders, the first round will be an absolute stonker, as everyone just wants to get out there, so there may be some restrictions on entering double classes so as to give everyone a ride, but rest assured we will endeavor to get everyone on the line.

And as we have 11 classes some may have to be merged, and perhaps a split start.

The very provisional dates and venues, which still have to be agreed with the landowners are ;

April 4 Cumbria Twinshock at Polesworth, Staffs.

May 9 Cumbria Twinshock at the Grange, Tern Hill, Shropshire.

May 30 Nottingham Twinshock at Bevercotes, Notts.

June 13 Cumbria Twinshock at Venue TBA.

August 1 Lancashire Twinshock at Astbury, Cheshire.

August 29/30 Cumbria Twinshock at Hawkstone Park.

September 18/19 Cumbria Twinshock at Culham, Abingdon, Oxon.


Nowt Dooin now till next year.

Ah Well. Looks like we did our best under the circumstances.

A big thank you to all of the members of the Twin Shock scene for making what we had, happen!

Especially Big Geoff , Big Al Hardy and Rock ‘ard Darren Hudson. With out them, non of what we have would ever have been possible.


Our application forms are ready for next year (2021), get them filled in and have something to look forward to.

Every one has plenty of time now to get their war horses battle ready.  No one can say they didn’t have time.


I can’t say it on here how I really mean it, but  ‘stuff’ the Corona Virus!’  will have to be the polite way to say it.

The fact that we have an Over 60’s class shows that we have some of the toughest people on earth participating in our sport!

Lets keep fit,well and healthy and start next year ready for anything.

Keep safe.




Well it looks like a few events are getting the go ahead, as clubs try to get us back to some form of normality. Last weekend the Somerset Club successfully ran their event, and the UK Evo crew are running at Wickwar this weekend. Other events now planned that I am aware of are as follows;

August 9 Westmorland MC Kendal Classic Revival Scramble at Crooklands, Kendal. AMCA Classic & Twinshocks. A few places still available. Online entries at classicmxwales website.

August 30/31 Cumbria Twinshock Matt Murphy Memorial MX at Hawkstone Park. IOPD Twinshock, Evos, Super Evos, Vets & Modern. See following post for entries.

September 6 Yorkshire Twinshock MX at Monkton, Beverley. AMCA Classics, Twinshock & Evos. Entries by email to yorkshiretwinshock@gmail.com

September 12/13 Cumbria Twinshock King of the Castle at Farleigh. Most classes full. Call Chloe Hudson on 07887-407590 for final places.

September 19/20 Cumbria Twinshock MX at Culham, Abingdon, Oxon. IOPD Twinshock, Evos, Super Evos, Vets & Modern. See following post for entries.




Great news. Yes, it’s on.

Sunday / Monday August 30/31.

The only downside is that it won’t be the Festival of Legends, due to the ongoing Covid restrictions.

The event is open to all riders, but priority will be given to those that entered round one of the Toughsheet series at Polesworth. Please contact Chloe Hudson on 07887-407590 after 6pm if you would like to transfer your round 1 entry to Hawkstone and pay the remainder to secure your place. Entries will then open up to others on Monday July 27.

Entry forms are not required for Toughsheet registered riders, but others must get their paperwork and payments to Chloe ASAP as we can’t be handling it on the day. The entry forms will be on the www.nationaltwinshock.co.uk website soon or e mail geoff.shuttleworth121@outlook.com for a copy.

There are all the usual Twinshock, Evo, Super Evo, and Vets classes, plus an extra Modern class, but each class is limited to the first 40 to enter.

It would be great to see you all back out there, and especially as a tribute to the late great Matt Murphy.

Things might be a bit different, but I am sure you will all join us and stick to the Covid rules to get this event to take place.

Riders that can’t make Hawkstone, can also transfer their round 1 entries to Culham, which takes place on September 19/20.