Nowt Dooin now till next year.

Ah Well. Looks like we did our best under the circumstances.

A big thank you to all of the members of the Twin Shock scene for making what we had, happen!

Especially Big Geoff , Big Al Hardy and Rock ‘ard Darren Hudson. With out them, non of what we have would ever have been possible.


Our application forms are ready for next year (2021), get them filled in and have something to look forward to.

Every one has plenty of time now to get their war horses battle ready.  No one can say they didn’t have time.


I can’t say it on here how I really mean it, but  ‘stuff’ the Corona Virus!’  will have to be the polite way to say it.

The fact that we have an Over 60’s class shows that we have some of the toughest people on earth participating in our sport!

Lets keep fit,well and healthy and start next year ready for anything.

Keep safe.



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