News Update 17-11-20

Well folks we are halfway through the current ‘Lockdown’ and hoping that by April we will be back to some form of normality, COVID permitting. Just in case, we have managed to secure 10,000 vaccines, which we will administer at signing on at Polesworth, but we do need several scantily clad nurses to assist in these duties.

If you can help, please send photos to accompany your application (Discretion assured).

These vaccines will have built in 5G which will also incorporate a MYLAPS transponder, so no need for a bracket, plus we will be able to tell what time you left the beer tent, and whereabouts you are in the paddock when your race is due. But be careful with extra marital activity, as it shows up on the timing screens.

You may already have seen on our Facebook page, ‘Toughsheet National Twinshock Championship’,

that plans are in place to run a seven-round series in 2021.

All registrations and licences from 2020 have been rolled over to 2021, and we have asked riders to contact us by message or email if you would like to continue in the same class and on the same bike.

Most classes are now full or oversubscribed, with just a few places left in some of the twinshock classes. There has been a lot of interest from new riders to the series, and we have just passed our record for registrations, which currently stands at 340 (230 of them Twinshocks).

As you can imagine, with the large number of riders, the first round will be an absolute stonker, as everyone just wants to get out there, so there may be some restrictions on entering double classes so as to give everyone a ride, but rest assured we will endeavor to get everyone on the line.

And as we have 11 classes some may have to be merged, and perhaps a split start.

The very provisional dates and venues, which still have to be agreed with the landowners are ;

April 4 Cumbria Twinshock at Polesworth, Staffs.

May 9 Cumbria Twinshock at the Grange, Tern Hill, Shropshire.

May 30 Nottingham Twinshock at Bevercotes, Notts.

June 13 Cumbria Twinshock at Venue TBA.

August 1 Lancashire Twinshock at Astbury, Cheshire.

August 29/30 Cumbria Twinshock at Hawkstone Park.

September 18/19 Cumbria Twinshock at Culham, Abingdon, Oxon.


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