National Twinshock Championship 2019

Here are some details if you are considering registering for the 2019 Toughsheet National Twinshock MX Championship series. The registration fee enables us as an organisation, to provide each event with programmes and a commentary, and helps pay for the end of season trophies, and entitles you to a cheaper entry than non-registered riders or other organisations that join us at individual events.

Our class structure for 2019 is as follows;
Clubman Twinshock (For registered novices and beginners – Upgrades will be decided at rounds 1&2)
Intermediate Twinshock
Experts Twinshock
Over 50’s / 60’s Twinshock
125 Twinshock
250 Twinshock
125 Evolution (Monoshock Bikes Pre-90)
Evolution Open (Monoshock Bikes Pre-90)
Super Evolution Rounds 2-6 (Pre 97 steel frames and may race with Evo Open class and a split start)
Veterans (Over 40’s and 50’s on any bike in the same race)

Helpful Information
You will be able to collect your IOPD licence at the first event that you attend.
You may enter and pay over the phone at all Cumbria Twinshock events, and do not need to complete an entry form. See individual entry forms for other clubs arrangements.
All entry forms, with phone numbers, fees and directions will be available to download from www.nationaltwinshock.co.uk where you will also find a full set of rules for the championship.
Some classes are over-subscribed, and therefore if you intend to do the full series, it would be advisable to enter well in advance of the event, especially the early rounds.
Transponders will be used at all our events, and your number must be submitted to the secretary.
If you require a hired transponder, please let the secretary know at least one week prior to the event.
Riders must be registered to score championship points, and non-registered riders will be removed from the points, and you will move up and receive their points.
Twinshock bikes must have two rear shocks, be air cooled and have drum brakes, but will include all pre-82 water cooled monoshock Yamahas and other pre-82 water cooled machines. Forks must not exceed 46mm diameter.
Evolution machines must be pre-1990 and fitted with period parts, and have the original frame, engine and braking system. In the event of a protest, riders within that class may vote on the acceptability of that machine.
Super Evo bikes must be Pre-97 with steel frames, and we hope to include them at all the rounds, but may struggle at the opening round until we know the entry situation.
Please help the clubs by entering as soon as possible, as non-registered riders will be accepted as the event date approaches.

Also, please support our many sponsors, and give them something back in return for supporting us.

Finally, if you have any questions on the above please do not hesitate to ask.
Geoff Shuttleworth 01524-824409 or 07816-283252 or e mail geoff.shuttleworth121@outlook.com


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