Great news. Yes, it’s on.

Sunday / Monday August 30/31.

The only downside is that it won’t be the Festival of Legends, due to the ongoing Covid restrictions.

The event is open to all riders, but priority will be given to those that entered round one of the Toughsheet series at Polesworth. Please contact Chloe Hudson on 07887-407590 after 6pm if you would like to transfer your round 1 entry to Hawkstone and pay the remainder to secure your place. Entries will then open up to others on Monday July 27.

Entry forms are not required for Toughsheet registered riders, but others must get their paperwork and payments to Chloe ASAP as we can’t be handling it on the day. The entry forms will be on the www.nationaltwinshock.co.uk website soon or e mail geoff.shuttleworth121@outlook.com for a copy.

There are all the usual Twinshock, Evo, Super Evo, and Vets classes, plus an extra Modern class, but each class is limited to the first 40 to enter.

It would be great to see you all back out there, and especially as a tribute to the late great Matt Murphy.

Things might be a bit different, but I am sure you will all join us and stick to the Covid rules to get this event to take place.

Riders that can’t make Hawkstone, can also transfer their round 1 entries to Culham, which takes place on September 19/20.


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