Twinshock Dates Sorted

he calendar, and a new club stepping up, with the Warsop MXC running at Bevercotes, Ollerton, Notts.

Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships

April 1 Cumbria TSC at Polesworth, Staffs.

May 5 Cumbria TSC Matt Murphy Memorial at Hawkstone Park.

May 27 Warsop MXC at Bevercotes, Ollerton, Notts.

June 17 Lancashire TSC at Venue TBC.

July 22 Cumbria TSC at The Grange, Tern Hill, Shropshire..

September 1-2 Cumbria TSC Festival of Legends at Hawkstone Park.

September 22-23 Cumbria TSC at Howton Court, Pontrilas.

Registrations for the series are now open and filling up fast, and you can get your forms by either e mailing geoff.shuttleworth121@outlook.com or from this website under the entry form tab.


Round 7 – Pontrilas

Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships Round 7

Cumbria Twinshock Club

Howton Court, Pontrilas

Report Geoff Shuttleworth

Pictures Julie Riley

The Toughsheet National Twinshock MX Championship headed to Pontilas for the seventh and final round of the series last weekend, supported by Phil Denton Engineering, and hosted by the Cumbria Twinshock Club, who ran a first class meeting for the 130 riders, over the two day, 36 race programme, which was finished by three o clock on the Sunday.

The track was prepared superbly by Phil Roberts with just the right amount of grading and watering. Unfortunately there was a couple of nasty injuries, and we wish those riders well in their recovery. All the championship classes were still to be decided over the weekend bar one, which had been wrapped up at an earlier round.

The Wulfsport Experts raced alongside the MRH Consultants 125 Twinshock and Evo riders, and it made for some interesting battles. Dave Campbell on the Andy Cleaver Honda, was in a class of his own on Saturday, taking all three wins, but he had to bow to Barry Turnbull on the JR Racing Honda, who only raced on Sunday, when he took two of the three race wins, to clinch his first title, and with it became the 2017 National Twinshock Champion. Campbell won the overall over the weekend, and also took the Martindales Rider of the Meeting. Lee Holland went top three all weekend to take second overall, from Irelands Jon McBride.

Jacob Joyce and Andy Lawton, on the Steve Clitheroe prepped Hondas, took three wins apiece in the 125 Evo class, which meant that Joyce took the title home with him ahead of Lawton. Jonno White took third overall finishing in third in all six motos.

John Davis won all six of his 125 Twinshock races, to retain the title in that class. His nearest challenger was Mark Burrows, who had a few bike issues, but came home second in front of Steve Riley in third.

Irelands Willie Burgess had already wrapped up the MD Racing Over 50 class at Hawkstone, but still gave it his all, with a tremendous six out of six on the Gary Murphy Maico. Alan Bott followed him home in all of the races, and Tim Sabine had one of his best rides in third, from Dave Salkeld and Jerseys Waynwe Le Marquand.

Graham Challis finally fulfilled his ambition, by winning the MD Racing Over 60’s title, but had to give second best to Martin Snape on the day. Snape won four races to Challis’s two. Last year’s champion Alan Hambridge took third from Wullie Brown.

The Hazport Vets class saw a Danny Blakely master class, as he stormed to all six victories on the 1989 Kawasaki 500, to take the title. Mike Allport took second overall, and also the Over 50’s title with his best ride of the season. Thurlow Bone managed to take several holeshots, and got himself into third overall from Lee Jones and Paul Croxon.

The LPE Clubman class saw some of the closest racing with all the riders capable of winning a moto. Mike Tucker went into the weekend trailing series leader Gavin Cole by a single point with Simon Bentley only a handful in arrears. But it was a guest rider, Kyle Godbear who shook things up with first overall and four wins. Mark Gardner rode really strongly to take second, but it was

Mike Tuckers third overall, that eventually clinched the series in the last race, to his delight. Lucy Tilzey took fourth from Gavin Cole.

The CI Sport Inters, saw James Curtis do enough on the Saturday to clinch the crown, which was just as well as he badly injured his shoulder on the Sunday. This left local rider Daran Williams to dominate, and take the overall with three wins on the Sunday. Sean Burrows had his best ride of the season taking second, with several holeshots, and Dom Bratt just took third from Matt Bennett and Kev Bratt.

The Woodys Vintage Off Road Honda Evo class went down to the final race, as Dave Campbell dominated Saturdays results, but his rival Jamie Dobson took all three wins on Sunday. But at the final reckoning Campbell took the title by only a handful of points from Dobson after a season long battle. Danny Blakeley was in the mix as well taking second overall, and Michael Ogden was fourth.

The West Mids Evo crew joined in the fun, with a full rider line up, and it was Dean Warren who dominated with all six victories. His nearest challenger was Jonathan Tapp who finished second in each race. The 125 class was won by Zac Hackett from James Hudson. Dean Warren won the 250 class from Jim Shand, and the 500 class was won by Jonathan Tapp from Jake Chamberlain.

So what a superb finish to another season of Twinshock racing, and all the riders will bwe back in 2018 to do it all again.

Martindales Rider of the Meeting – David Campbell.

Wulfsport Experts

1 David Campbell, 2 Lee Holland, 3 Jon McBride, 4 Jamie Biddulph (Falcon Shocks Best 250), 5 Barry Turnbull, 6 Michael Smith.

MRH Consultants 125 Twinshock

1 John Davis, 2 Mark Burrows, 3 Steve Riley, 4 Tim Grindrod, 5 Wayne Twidle, 6 Dave Ellis.

MRH Consultants 125 Evolution

1 Jacob Joyce, 2 Andy Lawton, 3 Jonno White, 4 Jason Slater, 5 Chaz Nichols, 6 Chris Walker.

MD Racing Over 50’s

1 Willie Burgess, 2 Alan Bott, 3 Tim Sabine, 4 Dave Salkeld, 5 Wayne Le Marquand, 6 John Bennett.

MD Racing Over 60’s

1 Martin Snape, 2 Graham Challis, 3 Alan Hambridge, 4 Wullie Brown, 5 Roger Dunford, 6 Bill Brown..

Hazport Veterans Over 40’s

1 Danny Blakeley, 2 Mike Allport, 3 Thurlow Bone, 4 Lee Jones, 5 Paul Croxon, 6 Jonno White.

Hazport Veterans Over 50’s

1 Mike Allport, 2 Richard Evans, 3 Martin Speak, 4 Chris Rowlands, 5 Mark Tilzey, 6 Neil Smith.

LPE Clubman

1 Kyle Godbear, 2 Mark Gardner, 3 Mike Tucker, 4 Lucy Tilzey, 5 Gavin Cole, 6 Stephen Hakes.

CI Sport Inters

1 Daran Williams, 2 Sean Burrows, 3 Dom Bratt, 4 Matt Bennett, 5 Kev Bratt, 6 Chris Anderton.

Woody Vintage Off Road Honda Evolution

1 Jamie Dobson, 2 Danny Blakeley, 3 David Campbell, 4 Michael Ogden, 5 Andy Hinchliffe, 6 Mitchell Griffiths.

West Mids Evos 125 Saturday

1 Zac Hackett, 2 James Hudson, 3 Nick Mauger, 4 Sam Russell, 5 Dave Frampton, 6 Paul Mansell.

West Mids Evos 250 Saturday

1 Dean Warren, 2 Jim Shand, 3 Paul Baldwin, 4 Kevin Butcher, 5 Tom Graves, 6 Nick Payton.

West Mids Evos 500 Saturday

1 Jonathan Tapp, 2 Jake Chamberlain, 3 Nathan Smith, 4 Neil Williams, 5 Steve Ryan,

6 Shaun Willis.

WME Western Cider Challenge

1 Dean Warren, 2 Jonathan Tapp, 3 Jim Shand, 4 Jake Chamberlain, 5 Paul Baldwin, 6 Charlie Evans.


Hawkstone Park Festival of Legends 2017


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Toughsheet National Twinshock Awards Presentation Evening

Saturday October 21st, 7-00pm for 7-30pm.

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Round 5 – Wilberfoss

Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships Round 5

Yorkshire Twinshock Club

Wilberfoss, York

Report Geoff Shuttleworth

Pictures Matthew Rudd Photography

The Toughsheet National Twinshock MX Championship rolled into Wilberfoss, near York for round five of seven, supported by JK Racing, and hosted by the Yorkshire Twinshock Club.

The track was prepared to perfection by Mik White and the club, and the free Saturday night bar, and heavy overnight rain, meant that minds and conditions were perfect come Sunday morning for the 150 rider turn out. An extra grass loop was added to the loamy track, which rode well for the full 25 race programme.

This week it was the turn of the LPE Clubman riders to open proceedings, and there were a host of guest riders, who dominated the early morning battles. Hampshires Ross Emery was in a class of his own though, and won all three motos with plenty to spare, earning him a promotion to the Inters class next time out. Kev Smith continues his rehabilitation, and took second overall, finishing behind Emery in all three. Third went to Simon Bentley, who extended his championship lead on the Honda. Ben Thompson took fourth on his borrowed Geoff Stokes four stroke, beating Gavin Cole on a tie break.

Danny Blakeley had a great day in the Hazport Vets class, with three wins, first on the big Evo Kawasaki, and then the two stroke Yamaha. Jonno White took three seconds, despite having to use his trusty evo 125 in the last two races following a broken front wheel on his modern Suzuki.

And Paul Coward, who is still recovering from injury, took third overall from Paul Groom in fourth. Richard Wood took fifth, and also was first home in the over 50 category.

Guest rider Carl Hodgson had some bad luck in the CI Sport Inter class, as he stormed to victory in race one, before bike trouble put him out of contention. Chaz Nichols was the rider who benefitted as he won race two, and finished second in the third, to give him his first twinshock overall win. Series leader James Graham came from the back in race one to take fifth, and then a second and a win to give him the runner up berth. Last years Clubman champion Dean Gray continues to improve and took third from James Cowgill and Chris Anderton.

In the Wulfsport Experts, Barry Turnbull made it look so easy on the JR Racing Honda, as he took three classy wins, with his smooth riding style. Michael Smith did all he could on the Sourbutts Maico, and was pleased with his second overall with a 2-2-3 card. Lee Holland on the Yorkshire VMX Honda, led the first race for a few laps before succumbing to Turnbull, and eventually took third overall with two thirds and a fourth. Dave Campbell on another YVMX Honda, was mixing it with the leaders, and took second in the final leg to take fourth overall.

Ben Margetson, Wulfsport Maico took fifth from Irelands Jon McBride.

The MRH Consultants 125 Evo class was once again dominated by the Steve Clitheroe Hondas, as Andy Lawton and Jacob Joyce, battled it out for supremacy. Lawton stamped his authority early though as he took the first two wins from Lawton, but Joyce made amends by catching and passing him in the final race. So it was Lawton on the top step of the podium from Joyce, with John Butler getting amongst it with three thirds for the final step. Jonno White came home in fourth from Mason Bell in fifth.

John Davis continued his march to the 125 Twinshock title with three clear wins from Jason Herring, Mark Burrows and Andrew Robinson.

Irelands Willie Burgess took the MD Racing Over 50 class, with three faultless wins on his Murphy Maico, with only Alan Bott getting anywhere near in second, although he did have machine trouble in the final leg. Jerseys Wayne Le Marquand flew in, to ride superbly on the Marsh HPF Honda four stroke, and took third overall, and also the Martindales rider of the meeting award, from Chris Woodward and Tim Sabine.

Graham Challis showed his class in the over 60’s, by taking all three wins, although Alan Hambridge in second, did all he could to catch him, and Steve Mitton took third on the big Husky.

The Woodys Vintage Honda Evo class saw some of the best racing, with the first five in each race covered by a proverbial blanket. But the cream always rises to the top, and it was Danny Blakeley who took top honours with 3-2-1 finishes, but only after a tie break with Michael Smith, who went 2-1-3. Dave Campbell, who won the first moto, took third from Jamie Dobson and Andrew Collins.

An extra modern class was added to the race programme, and Aiden Wharton took three wins, but was pushed all the way by Tim Gardham in second and Steve Gardham in third.

The final race of the day was the annual War of the Roses Challenge, where teams of riders from Red and White Rose counties, were handicapped over a four lap dash, and it was won by Jacob Joyce, who came through the field to take maximum points for the red rose county, from Kev Smith and Mathew Brady. The shield was presented to Lancashires Ken Sourbutts byYorkshires captain Alan Hardy.

The next round is the Festival of Legends at Hawkstone Park, Sunday and Monday August 27/28.

Martindales Rider of the Meeting – Wayne Le Marquand.

LPE Clubman

1 Ross Emery, 2 Kev Smith, 3 Simon Bentley, 4 Ben Thompson, 5 Gavin Cole, 6 Mark Gardner.

Hazport Veterans Over 40’s

1 Danny Blakeley, 2 Jonno White, 3 Paul Coward, 4 Paul Groom, 5 Richard Wood, 6 Richard Corner.

Hazport Veterans Over 50’s

1 Richard Wood, 2 Colin Bland, 3 Mark Bowden, 4 Dave Ibbison, 5 Neil Eastwood, 6 Chris Rowlands.

CI Sport Inters

1 Chaz Nichols, 2 James Graham, 3 Dean Gray, 4 James Cowgill, 5 Chris Anderton, 6 Matt Bennett.

Wulfsport Experts

1 Barry Turnbull, 2 Michael Smith, 3 Lee Holland, 4 David Campbell, 5 Ben Margetson,

6 Jon McBride.

Falcon Shocks Best 250 – Jamie Biddulph.

MRH Consultants 125 Twinshock

1 John Davis, 2 Jason Herring, 3 Mark Burrows, 4 Andrew Robinson, 5 Dave Ellis, 6 Steve Riley.

MRH Consultants 125 Evolution

1 Andy Lawton, 2 Jacob Joyce, 3 John Butler, 4 Jonno White, 5 Mason Bell, 6 David Blackburn.

MD Racing Over 50’s

1 Willie Burgess, 2 Alan Bott, 3 Wayne Le Marquand, 4 Chris Woodward, 5 Tim Sabine,

6 John Bennett.

MD Racing Over 60’s

1 Graham Challis, 2 Alan Hambridge, 3 Steve Mitton, 4 Allan Williamson.

Woody Vintage Off Road Honda Evolution

1 Danny Blakeley, 2 Michael Smith, 3 David Campbell, 4 Jamie Dobson, 5 Andrew Collins,

6 Andy Hinchliffe.

Modern Class

1 Aiden Wharton, 2 Tim Gardham, 3 Steve Gardham, 4 Wayne Pudge, 5 James Thompson,

6 Olly Clark.

War of the Roses won by Lancashire 135 Yorkshire 83

1 Jacob Joyce (L), 2 Kev Smith (L), 3 Mathew Brady (Y), 4 Jonno White (L), 5 Robin Chadwick (L), 6 Dave Ibbison (L).