Round 1 – Polesworth

Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships Round 1

Cumbria Twinshock

Stipers Hill, Polesworth

Report Geoff Shuttleworth

Pictures LMX Pictures Louise Croome

The 2015 Toughsheet sponsored National Twinshock MX Championships got off to a great start at the Stipers Hill circuit at Polesworth. The Cumbria Twinshock team, ably supported by the Polesworth crew had the track looking the business before start of play, and the weekend sunshine dried out the parts that had seen lots of rain in the week before the event. Over 240 riders turned up to make it one of the best entries seen in many a year, and with holeshot prizes it made for an exciting start to the season, with all 21 races completed by 4-30.

The Motolink Yamaha Evolution class were first to the line for a welcome change, and it was they who had to negotiate the tricky muddy sections after the uphill start, and it was Tom Marsh who hit the front, taking a commanding lead, and was only caught late on by the Cumbrian Warrior Paul Coward who swept past to take the first moto from Marsh and Michael Smith. Races two and three went to Smith, who led from the front, and with it took the overall to head the series from Coward by a slender three points. Danny Blakeley, debuting in the class took third on the podium, from Tom Marsh in fourth. And Tom was awarded the CNR Burrows Rider of the Meeting award for mixing it with all the top established names.

At last the LPE Clubman class was true to its name, and produced some good racing with Mark Bill taking the first leg from Ben Price and Peter Maxwell. Race two saw Martin Cheesman win from Price and young Mathew Bennett. And with all to play for, Cheeseman took the third to win the overall, with Sean Martin and Duncan Judd also getting in on the action. Judd ended up runner up overall with his best ever finish, as did event sponsor Simon Bentley from CMS Derby who took third overall.

The Wulfsport Experts class was a tough one to call, although in the end it turned out to be a master class performance from Alex Butler on the Marsh HPF, with three classy wins. In race one it was Gary Parker on a Husky that gave chase finishing second with Lee Holland on the 250 Maico third, from Jon Cowgill and Lee Buck. Race two saw Jamie Jackson follow Butler home, from Michael Smith and Parker. And in the final encounter young Joel Hughes got into his stride to take second on the Maico, from Smith, and Holland. Of the registered riders, it looks like the title may be a fight between Parker, Smith and Hughes. Time will tell.

The CI Sport Inters raced alongside the Experts and gave an indication of who could keep pace with the top boys. And it was last years 250 runner up Chad Sait who came out on top with three fine wins, getting amongst some of the expert riders. Mark Burrows looked to be making the big Husky work, with a good second overall with two runner up finishes, and new to the class Reece Winsor who took third from Chris Anderton and Dom Bratt.

The MD Racing Over 50’s and 60’s class had another full line up, and the main battle was between reigning champion Phil Martindale and the Cheshire Charger Pete Mathia. It was Martindale though that took first blood, from Mathia a close second, with Richard Allen getting the better of Phil Ryan in third. Race two was taken by a delighted Mathia, from Martindale, Alan Bott and Ryan. In the final leg there still was not a lot in it, but Martindale clinched it with the win, from Mathia, Peter Williamson and Steve Goddard.

The Over 60’s had some new faces and one of them was overall winner Phil Wilkes, who took two wins and a second to take the spoils. Dave Mozley took the final race win, and second overall from Alan Voase on the CCM in third, and Steve Mitton in fourth. A gallant fifth went to 73 year old Michael May, who has been racing over 50 years. Well done to him.

The Yorkshire VMX 125 Twinshock and Evo riders went head to head, and John Davis reigned supreme in the Twinshock class with three wins, beating reigning champion Sean McCrea and Andrew Robinson. In the Evo 125’s Mathew Williamson took all three wins, each time from Richard Chinn, who put up a good fight in all three legs. Third went to Mathew Rowlands from Paul Lippitt and Michael Weir.

In the Falcon Shocks 250 class, Jonathan McBride took the overall with a win and two seconds. Steve Rowlands took second from John Bennett, but Paul Croxon and Jack Goddard managed to win one leg each.

The AB Race Cruisers Veterans was the fullest class on their modern bikes, so the racing was fast and furious, with Danny Blakeley showing why he is the current champion with the overall victory with two faultless wins and a second after stalling on the final corner whilst leading the third. Garry Jones was always on his case though, and went 3-2-1 for the runner up berth.

Jonno White took a fine third from John Littler, Lee Jackson and Ewan Johnston.

The final class to the line was the Partridge Ventilation Pre-83 125 boys, and once again Lee Holland showed them all how a 125 should be ridden, with three impressive wins. His nearest challengers were James Shand and Paul Bennett who harried and chased but did not get near his back wheel. Shand eventually took second from Anthony Twidle in third, from Bennett and Dean Warren.

Round two is the Matt Murphy Memorial event at Hawkstone Park on Saturday May 2.

Motolink Yamaha Evolution

1 Michael Smith, 2 Paul Coward, 3 Danny Blakeley, 4 Tom Marsh, 5 John Butler, 6 Andy Hinchliffe.

LPE Clubman

1 Martin Cheesman, 2 Duncan Judd, 3 Simon Bentley, 4 Peter Maxwell, 5 Ben Price, 6 Joe Chell.

Wulfsport Experts

1 Alex Butler, 2 Gary Parker, 3 Lee Holland, 4 Michael Smith, 5 Joel Hughes, 6 Mark Connole.

CI Sport Inters

1 Chad Sait, 2 Mark Burrows, 3 Reece Winsor, 4 Chris Anderton, 5 Dom Bratt, 6 Adam Griggs.

MD Racing Over 50’s

1 Phil Martindale, 2 Pete Mathia, 3 Phil Ryan, 4 Steve Goddard, 5 Richard Allen, 6 Brian Littler.

MD Racing Over 60’s

1 Phil Wilkes, 2 Dave Mozley, 3 Alan Voase, 4 Steve Mitton, 5 Michael May, 6 Bill Brown.

Falcon Shocks 250’s

1 Jonathan McBride, 2 Steve Rowlands, 3 John Bennett, 4 Gary Craddock, 5 Jack Goddard, 6 Paul Croxon.

Yorkshire VMX 125 Twinshock

1 John Davis, 2 Sean McCrea, 3 Andrew Robinson, 4 Peter Chambers, 5 Tim Grindrod.

Yorkshire VMX 125 Evolution

1 Matt Williamson, 2 Richard Chinn, 3 Matt Rowlands, 4 Paul Lippitt, 5 Mike Weir, 6 Tim Thornton.

AB Race Cruisers Veterans

1 Danny Blakeley, 2 Garry Jones, 3 Jonno White, 4 John Littler, 5 Lee Jackson, 6 Ewan Johnston.

Partridge Ventilation Pre-83 125’s

1 Lee Holland, 2 James Shand, 3 Anthony Twidle, 4 Paul Bennett, 5 Dean Warren, 6 John Littler.

CNR Burrows Transport Rider of the Meeting – Tom Marsh.


Latest News 2015

The Putoline Classic Dirt Bike Show at Telford is almost upon us, and takes place on February 21/22 at the International Centre, Telford.

As usual we will be having a stand at the show, which is in hall 2 just behind the Wulfsport stand.

Please come along and have a chat about all things twinshock. There will be all the forms you need for the coming season, plus several bikes on display courtesy of Andy Cleaver, and some DVD’s of classic action.

There will be an updated calendar of events for all the series that are running, plus if you are registered before the show, we will be having a prize draw, with the winner receiving a free entry to the event of their choice.

You will also be able to pick up your IOPD licence, to avoid queuing at Polesworth signing on.

For those of you already entering events, please indicate your transponder number or if you would like to hire one for the event.

Most of the Twinshock classes remain the same, but we have added an over 50’s trophy in the Vets class and an Over 40’s trophy in the Evo class, which are proving to be very popular.

Registrations received so far include;

Clubman Twinshock 40.

Intermediates Twinshock 20.

Experts Twinshock 11.

Over 50’s / 60’s Twinshock 30 / 13 = 43.

125 Twinshock & Evos 22.

250 Twinshock 10.

Vets over 40’s / 50’s Modern 15 / 17 = 32

Evos under 40’s / over 40’s 19 / 20 = 39

The race format will change, with a rotation at each round, so that each class gets the chance of an early bath after racing. Points will now go down to the first 20 instead of first 15.

Toughsheet will continue to be the headline sponsor, which is great news, thanks to Dougie and John Mercer, and the provisional dates for 2015 are as follows;

April 5 Cumbria TSC at Polesworth.

May 2 Cumbria TSC at Hawkstone Park.

May 17 Cumbria TSC at Condover, Shrewsbury.

June 14 Lancashire TSC at Garstang.

July 25/26 Cumbria TSC at Warmingham Lane, Sandbach.

August 30 Gale Common MXC at Gale Common, Whitley, Yorkshire.

September 26/27 Cumbria TSC at Howton Court, Pontrilas, Hereford.

For those new to the series, it is £20 to register, and you require an IOPD licence which is £15, and transponders will be used, which can be bought from HS Sport or hired from Cumbria TSC before the event.

We try to cover everyones needs and there are age related or capacity classes in the twinshocks, and we have a Vets class for riders over 40 on modern bikes. The Evo class is for riders of any age on bikes made between 1981 and 1989, and we are quite strict on this. If you have any questions on the series please e mail using the contact tab.