Round 3 – The Butts

Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships Round 3

Yorkshire Twinshock Club

The Butts, Ashover, Derbys.

Report Geoff Shuttleworth

Pictures Tracey Allport Church of Dirt

The Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships returned to the Butts Quarry in Derbyshire on Sunday, ten years since their last visit, and the track was in great condition after Saturdays rain, which made conditions sticky for practice, but came good for the start of racing. The Yorkshire Twinshock Club were the hosts supported by the Cumbria Club, and they got through the mammoth 24 race programme in record time, with 160 riders enjoying the slickly run programme, supported by Central Motors Salvage from Derby.

The order of racing rotates at each round, and the CI Sport Intermediate riders had their own race to start proceedings, and it was James Graham on the Honda who had a clean sweep of three victories to extend his lead in the championship. James Curtis finished second each time to Graham and moves up to second in the series. Jake Veitch, upgraded from the Clubman, showed his speed to take third from Dean Gray and James Cowgill.

There were 16 Wulfsport Experts on the line for their first race, but an unexpected non starter was Jamie Jackson, who caught an overnight bug, so it turned out to be a bit of a stroll for Barry Turnbull on the JR Racing Honda, as he coasted to three unchallenged wins, with his times being almost as quick as the modern vets. Ben Margetson on the Wulfsport Maico got the bit between his teeth to take three seconds, and reigning champion Lee Holland on the YVMX Honda took three thirds. Michael Smith on the Sourbutts Maico took fourth from Elliot Stones and Craig Reynolds.

Honda machines dominated the MRH Consultants 125 Evo class, with race one winner John Butler getting out of the blocks first and holding off a late challenge from Jacob Joyce on the Steve Clitheroe prepped bike. But Joyce took command by winning the next two after gating better and hitting the front early. This gave him the overall and the series lead, with Butler taking runner up. Andy Lawton had a poor race one which relegated him to third overall. Jonno White split the Hondas on his beloved Suzuki, from David Blackburn and Andy Wilkes.

John Davis continues to shine in the 125 Twinshock class, and was mixing it with the top ten of the Evo bikes, as he took the overall with two wins and a second, and the series lead. First race winner Sean McCrea had a bit of a mare, as he got caught up in a couple of incidents, but still took the runner up on the podium. Series leader going into the weekend, Mark Burrows, took third, just edging out Phil Oxley and Steve Riley.

Willie Burgess started the day a little bit sore in the MD Racing Over 50’s, after a previous weekend crash, but still managed to take all three wins for the overall, but he was pushed in all three by Pete Mathia, who was racing in the Czech Republic a week earlier. Alan Bott improved with each race to take third, but Gary Parker felt unwell, and it showed as he had to settle for fourth from Tim Sabine in fifth. And there was a tie for sixth with travelling partners Wayne Le Marquand and Norman Emery.

Graham Challis just managed to get his bike home after a third race off, in the Over 60 class, which gave him the win by just a single point from Martin Snape on the Kawasaki. Challis won the first two, but always had runner up and third race winner Snape and Alan Hambridge snapping at his heels. Davie Robb rode consistently for fourth.

The wildcard rider Bradley Ward, over from America, and on a MX Concepts Honda, took the Woodys Vintage Honda Evolution class by storm with all three wins, and his times compared favourably with his modern bike times. Jamie Dobson was second, and the only rider to lap at anywhere near Wards times. Reigning champion Conor Smith fought hard for third, after some cracking dices with Michael Smith in fourth, just holding off Danny Blakeley and Dave Campbell.

The LPE Clubman class had three different winners, after four riders had been upgraded to the Inters after round two. Gavin Cole took a great race one win, just holding off Lucy Tilzey.

Event sponsor Simon Bentley was overjoyed at his race two win from Mark Gardner, and then Mark Bill won race three from Mike Tucker. This gave Mark Bill his first ever overall victory, and with it, was awarded the Martindales Rider of the Meeting decanter. Bentley was runner up overall from Gardner, Cole and Tucker.

The Hazport Vets class had some real close racing, and turned out to be a three way battle between Danny Blakeley, Jonno White and Laurence Wiltshire. And it all went to down to the final race as Blakeley and White took a race win apiece, before the decider went to Danny to win by three points from White. Wiltshire settled for third, following the pair home each time. Paul Groom got in on the act in fourth from Mark Wartigg.

Mike Allport once again was the best Over 50 vet from Steve Rowlands and Martin Speak.

There was a small field of modern riders to finish a great weekend, with Bradley Ward showing what a class act he is on any bike, by taking all three wins. Joe Scott and Jimmy Margetson followed him home in second and third from Curtis Dixon and James Clark.

The next round is at Eskham House Farm, Garstang, Lancaster on June 18.

Martindales Rider of the Meeting – Mark Bill.

CI Sport Inters

1 James Graham, 2 James Curtis, 3 Jake Veitch, 4 Dean Gray, 5 James Cowgill, 6 Dom Bratt.

Wulfsport Experts

1 Barry Turnbull, 2 Ben Margetson, 3 Lee Holland, 4 Michael Smith, 5 Elliot Stones, 6 Craig Reynolds.

Falcon Shocks Best 250 – Jamie Biddulph.

MRH Consultants 125 Twinshock

1 John Davis, 2 Sean McCrea, 3 Mark Burrows, 4 Phil Oxley, 5 Steve Riley, 6 Chris Rowlands.

MRH Consultants 125 Evolution

1 Jacob Joyce, 2 John Butler, 3 Andy Lawton, 4 Jonno White, 5 David Blackburn, 6 Andy Wilkes.

MD Racing Over 50’s

1 Willie Burgess, 2 Pete Mathia, 3 Alan Bott, 4 Gary Parker, 5 Tim Sabine, 6 Wayne Le Marquand.

MD Racing Over 60’s

1 Graham Challis, 2 Martin Snape, 3 Alan Hambridge, 4 David Robb, 5 Phil Wilkes, 6 Bill Brown.

Woody Vintage Off Road Honda Evolution

1 Bradley Ward, 2 Jamie Dobson, 3 Conor Smith, 4 Michael Smith, 5 Danny Blakeley,

6 Dave Campbell.

LPE Clubman

1 Mark Bill, 2 Simon Bentley, 3 Mark Gardner, 4 Gavin Cole, 5 Mike Tucker, 6 Sammy Peach.

Hazport Veterans Over 40’s

1 Danny Blakeley, 2 Jonno White, 3 Laurence Wiltshire, 4 Paul Groom, 5 Mark Wartigg,

6 Mike Allport.

Hazport Veterans Over 50’s

1 Mike Allport, 2 Steve Rowlands, 3 Martin Speak, 4 John Pattison, 5 Neil Smith, 6 Chris Rowlands.

Modern Class

1 Bradley Ward, 2 Joe Scott, 3 Jimmy Margetson, 4 Curtis Dixon, 5 James Clark, 6 Miles Dolphin.


Hawkstone Park – Round 2

Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships Round 2

Matt Murphy Memorial Meeting

Cumbria Twinshock Club

Hawkstone Park

Report Geoff Shuttleworth

Pictures Raymond Thomson & Tracy Allport

The Matt Murphy Memorial and second round of the Toughsheet National Twinshock championships took place at the World famous Hawkstone Park last Saturday, superbly organised by the Cumbria Twinshock Club, and supported by 2 Wheel Motion. With another full house of over 250 riders eager to tackle the tough demanding circuit, they were welcomed by the news that the hill was in, after the Salop club had deposited over 600 tons of clay at the top, and it was then game on, in front of the cameras from Front Runner TV.

Unfortunately, there was an accident in the opening MRH Consultants 125 race, with unlucky Matt Rudd sustaining a nasty leg injury needing medical assistance, for which we wish him well in his recovery.

The race restarted, and it was the Steve Clitheroe Honda team duo of Andy Lawton and Jacob Joyce who set the pace all day. Lawton took the first win, and Joyce the next two to claim the overall by five points from Lawton. David Blackburn was right up with the leading pair all day, but had to settle for third, from round one winner John Butler, and Jonno White.

In the 125 Twinshocks, young Howard Wainwright was in a class of his own as he stormed to three faultless wins to take the top step. Series leader John Davis finished second to Wainwright in all three to take the runner up spot, with Mark Burrows in third, enjoying the smaller capacity class.

In the Woodys Vintage Honda Evolution class, there were some real dices up at the sharp end, but Scotlands Gavin Robertson came through on his Honda 250 to take all three wins. But Gavin was pushed hard all the way, by former GP runner and fellow Scot David Campbell who took a hard earned second overall. Jamie Dobson rode well, and just pipped Danny Blakeley for third by a single point. Reigning champion Conor Smith took fifth.

The MD Racing Over 50’s was a straight shoot out between Irelands Willie Burgess and Gary Parker. The first race went to Burgess, after Parker DNF’d with a blown head gasket. Parker beat Burgess in race two, then Parker made an error in the all important third race whilst leading, allowing Burgess to take full advantage to win, and took the overall to extend his series lead.

Second place went to Pete Mathia who went 2-3-4, with Alan Bott third, from Parker and Tim Sabine.

In the Over 60’s Graham Challis continued where he left off at Polesworth, with two wins and a second to beat third race winner Martin Snape by five points. Last years champion Alan Hambridge took third from Trevor Davis and CI Sports Stuart Miller.

In the LPE Clubman class, it was a fitting victory for the Murphy family, as Shaun Murphy took three excellent victories and also take home the Matt Murphy Memorial Trophy for his endeavours. Jake Veitch was Shaun’s nearest challenger, who took three seconds. Robert Francom took third, edging out Gavin Cole and evergreen Simon Bentley. Changes are afoot though, as the top four Clubmen are about to be upgraded, as they were faster than the top Inter riders. Special mention must go to Lucy Tilzey who had two top six finishes, for which she was rewarded with the Martindale’s Rider of the Meeting award.

The Hazport Vets class was dominated by Danny Blakeley, who secured three victories to extend his series lead. Jonno White was next home in second overall, with fast gating Laurence Wiltshire taking a second in the last race for third overall. Ewan Johnston was fourth, and new to the series Martin Gregory in fifth.

Event sponsor Mike Allport took the Hazport Vets Over 50’s class, enjoying a victory over former GP Legend Irishman Laurence Spence in a fine second, just in front of Steve Rowlands in third.

The Wulfsport Experts saw the fastest lap of the day ridden by Jamie Jackson on the big Maico, and after disposing of early leader Barry Turnbull on the JR Racing Honda, he rode faultlessly to take all three wins on the day. Turnbull took three seconds, with former Champion Michael Smith in third on the Sourbutts Maico. David Campbell took fourth in front of YVMX Honda team mate Lee Holland. Elliot Stones was next in sixth place.

The CI Sport Inters class had three different winners, with Sam Oliver winning the first race.

Then James Graham came into his own to win the second, and Stephen Miller the third.

But it was Graham who took the overall, from a rejuvenated Dom Bratt, who took his career best result in second. Chris Anderton beat Dan Hardy and Stephen Miller for third by just two points at the end of the day.

The next round is at The Butts, Ashover, Derbyshire on May 21.

Matt Murphy Memorial Trophy – Shaun Murphy.

Martindales Rider of the Meeting – Lucy Tilzey.

MRH Consultants 125 Twinshock

1 Howard Wainwright, 2 John Davis, 3 Mark Burrows, 4 Steve Riley, 5 Andrew Robinson,

6 Dave Ellis.

MRH Consultants 125 Evolution

1 Jacob Joyce, 2 Andy Lawton, 3 David Blackburn, 4 John Butler, 5 Jonno White, 6 Michael Weir.

Woody Vintage Off Road Honda Evolution

1 Gavin Robertson, 2 David Campbell, 3 Jamie Dobson, 4 Danny Blakeley, 5 Conor Smith,

6 Lewis Belfield.

MD Racing Over 50’s

1 Willie Burgess, 2 Pete Mathia, 3 Alan Bott, 4 Gary Parker, 5 Tim Sabine, 6 Wayne Le Marquand.

MD Racing Over 60’s

1 Graham Challis, 2 Martin Snape, 3 Alan Hambridge, 4 Trevor Davis, 5 Stuart Miller,

6 Phil Wilkes.

LPE Clubman

1 Shaun Murphy, 2 Jake Veitch, 3 Robert Francom, 4 Gavin Cole, 5 Simon Bentley,

6 Peter Maxwell.

Hazport Veterans Over 40’s

1 Danny Blakeley, 2 Jonno White, 3 Laurence Wiltshire, 4 Ewan Johnston, 5 Martin Gregory, 6 Paul Groom.

Hazport Veterans Over 50’s

1 Mike Allport, 2 Laurence Spence, 3 Steve Rowlands, 4 Phil Daley, 5 John Eardley,

6 Mark Bowden.

Wulfsport Experts

1 Jamie Jackson, 2 Barry Turnbull, 3 Michael Smith, 4 David Campbell, 5 Lee Holland,

6 Elliot Stones.

Falcon Shocks Best 250 – Jamie Biddulph.

CI Sport Inters

1 James Graham, 2 Dom Bratt, 3 Chris Anderton, 4 Dan Hardy, 5 Stephen Miller, 6 Brendan Rowett.


Toughsheet National Twinshock Championships Round 1


Cumbria Twinshock Club

Stipers Hill, Polesworth

Report Geoff Shuttleworth

Pictures Click 466 Photography

The Toughsheet National Twinshock championship opened the doors to the 2017 season, with the first round at Stipers Hill, Polesworth on Sunday. As usual the Cumbria Twinshock Club worked wonders, with getting the track just right, and managing to pull off a fantastic event, and getting through the mammoth 24 race programme in record time.

It was the largest gathering of riders the series has ever seen, and the paddock was full to bursting with over 270 riders taking part.

The forecasted rain never materialised, and the track stayed firm and grippy throughout.

There was a real surprise for the registered Woodys Vintage Honda Evo class riders on the start line, as Maxxis regular Jamie Law turned out on an immaculate 500 Kawasaki, and duly stormed home in his usual smooth style, to three race wins, although he did make one slip in race one, but remounted just in front of a fast charging Gavin Robertson in second. Another ex British Championship rider, David Campbell took the runner up overall, with three solid rides, from former champion Michael Smith. Reigning champion Conor Smith had to settle for fourth on the day after a couple of slips.

In the MD Racing Over 50 twinshock class, Gary Parker was making his debut, and held off Irelands Willie Burgess to take the first race win, but Burgess came storming back to take the next two, although only a few bike lengths separated them all day. So Burgess started the season with the overall, with Parker second, and Mark Silvester back on the Maico took third. Reigning champion Pete Mathia had to settle for fourth from Norman Emery.

In the Over 60’s there were three different winners, but race two winner Graham Challis came out on top going 2-1-3 for the overall. Race three winner and last years champion Alan Hambridge took second from Phil Wilkes, with unlucky first race victor Martin Snape, who had bikes issues fourth.

The LPE Clubman Twinshock class had some new faces joining the regulars, and it was Rob Francom, riding Jon Hollands Suzuki, who went 1-3-2 to take the overall honours on his debut.

Jake Veitch looked solid winning the third race to take second, and Luke Stoey came home third following his second race win. Mike Tucker led a race before the young guns got him, but still took fourth.

There was some really good racing in the 40 strong Hazport Vets class on modern bikes, and it was Danny Blakeley on the two stroke Yamaha who took all three wins for the overall. Jonno White did all he could to catch Danny, but it wasn’t to be, and he settled for second on the day. New to the class Laurence Wiltshire took third, from David Bennett and Paul Groom.

Mike Allport was the first Over 50 rider home in sixth overall.

It was great to see the West Midland Evo crew racing alongside the championship, and they swelled the ranks with more than 50 riders, who were split into several classes. Jake Chamberlain came out on top of the 500cc riders from Jonathan Tapp. Paul Kirkby on the big ATK took the four stroke class from Jason Aylett. Neil Griffiths topped the 125 class from Martin Stokes, and Dean Warren was the man to beat in the 250’s, although Paul Baldwin did all he could but had to settle for second.

The biggest Wulfsport Experts class for a number of years were next to the line, with a good percentage of new riders. And it was twinshock convert Barry Turnbull, who stormed into the lead of race one, but Jamie Jackson was reeling him in, until his Maico cried enough, which left Turnbull with an easy ride home for his first win. Jackson made no mistake in the next two though, as he took both race wins. But at the end of the day Turnbulls win and two seconds gave him the series lead. Reigning champion Lee Holland had a few issues on the day, but still managed to take second overall, in front of David Campbell in third with two top three finishes. Jackson ended in fourth, from Michael Smith in fifth. Irelands Jonathan McBride took sixth, and was awarded the Martindales Rider of the Meeting award.

The CI Sport Inters class, which races alongside the Experts, saw James Curtis off to a flyer with two wins to take first overall, from Steve Miller in second. A three way tie for third was decided by last race result in favour of Chris Anderton, from Mark Burrows and Dan Hardy.

Sean McCrea made his return to the MRH Consultants 125 twinshocks with three wins to take first in class. New boy Mark Burrows was delighted with second overall, from another debutant Matt Rudd in third.

The MRH 125 Evo class is fast becoming the most popular class with a full line up, with a number of riders, mostly on Hondas capable of winning, and so it was as there were three different winners. And it was a delighted John Butler who came out on top, after his race three win gave him the overall on the day. Fast starting Andy Lawton took race two, and second overall, from Jacob Joyce in third, and race one winner David Blackburn in fourth

The next round is the Matt Murphy Memorial event at Hawkstone Park on Saturday April 29.

Martindales Rider of the Meeting – Jonathan McBride

Woody Vintage Off Road Honda Evolution

1 Jamie Law, 2 David Campbell, 3 Michael Smith, 4 Connor Smith, 5 Gavin Robertson,

6 Jamie Dobson.

MD Racing Over 50’s

1 Willie Burgess, 2 Gary Parker, 3Mark Silvester, 4 Pete Mathia, 5 Norman Emery,

6 Wayne Le Marquand.

MD Racing Over 60’s

1 Graham Challis, 2 Alan Hambridge, 3 Phil Wilkes, 4 Martin Snape, 5 Steve Mitton,

6 Bill Brown.

LPE Clubman

1 Robert Francom, 2 Jake Veitch, 3 Luke Story, 4 Mike Tucker, 5 Simon Bentley, 6 Lucy Tilzey.

Hazport Veterans Over 40’s

1 Danny Blakeley, 2 Jonno White, 3 Laurence Wiltshire, 4 David Bennett, 5 Paul Groom,

6 Mike Allport.

Hazport Veterans Over 50’s

1 Mike Allport, 2 Phil Daley, 3 Steve Rowlands, 4 David Clayborn, 5 Mark Bowden.

West Midland Evos 4 Stroke

1 Paul Kirkby, 2 Jason Aylett, 3 Jordan Pope.

West Midland Evos 500

1 Jake Chamberlain, 2 Jonathan Tapp, 3 James Reeves, 4 Nathan Smith, 5 Vince Larcombe.

Wulfsport Experts

1 Barry Turnbull, 2 Lee Holland, 3 David Campbell, 4 Jamie Jackson, 5 Michael Smith,

6 Jonathan McBride.

Falcon Shocks Best 250 – Laurence Wiltshire

CI Sport Inters

1James Curtis, 2 Stephen Miller, 3 Chris Anderton, 4 Mark Burrows, 5 Dan Hardy, 6 James Graham..

West Midland Evos 125’s

1 Neil Griffiths, 2 Martin Stokes, 3 Zac Hackett, 4 Nick Mauger, 5 Paul Mansell.

West Midland Evos 250’s

1 Dean Warren, 2 Paul Baldwin, 3 Bradley Stokes, 4 Lee Jackson, 5 Thomas Greaves, 6 Jim Shand.

MRH Consultants 125 Twinshock

1 Sean McCrea, 2 Mark Burrows, 3 Matt Rudd, 4 Andy Robinson, 5 Dave Ellis, 6 John Davis.

MRH Consultants 125 Evolution

1 John Butler, 2 Andy Lawton, 3 Jacob Joyce, 4 David Blackburn, 5 Jonno White, 6 Andy Wilkes.




The Yorkshire Twinshock Club in association with Cumbria Twinshock announce that the third round of the series on May 21 will now be held at the Butts, Ashover, Derbyshire. S45 0HW and not Finningley.

It is felt that the track at The Butts is more suited to the older bikes as it is an old school track with loads of history.

The track has had a lot of improvements since the new owner Barry Dring of Trackform took over, but has lost none of its natural appeal, and will throw down a different challenge after the deep sand of Hawkstone.

Please use the same entry form, or the one under entry form tab and send them to Debs at the same address.

There will also be a modern class, so please text your name, race number, and mark the text Modern Class to 07958-660887. First 36 riders only.

If you require a hired transponder call Chloe Hudson on 01229-463805 / 07887-407590 at least one week before event.

Please support this meeting and let’s keep the series buzzing.


Here We Go Again – 2017!

Here We Go Again

A Happy New Year to all of you.

The 2017 Toughsheet National Twinshock Scramble Championship series, kicks off with the annual visit to Stipers Hill, Polesworth on Easter Sunday, April 16th, for the 26th year, as one of the longest running MX series, started by Brian Salt, Bill Brown, Alan Hardy and Ken Shuttleworth back in 1992.

We must again thank again our sponsors, some who do it for the love of the sport, and some who do it to give their company a higher profile, so please support them if you are looking to buy something.

Give it up for Toughsheet, LPE, CI Sport, Wulfsport, MD Racing, Falcon Shocks, AB Race Cruisers, MRH Consultants, Woodys Vintage Honda, KAIS, Phil Denton Engineering, Central Motors Salvage, Mick Gardner Racing, Pemberton Tyres, VMX Gaskets, Putoline, S-N Properties, JK Racing, 2 Wheel Motion and Martindales.

We are still the cheapest series to enter in the UK at £20, and pride ourselves on giving everyone a truly enjoyable family race weekend. Fill out and send off the registration form, which entitles you to cheaper entries than non-registered riders, and your race number for the season. This money goes towards printing costs, programmes, commentary, and to subsidise the annual trophies which are awarded at the end of season bash at the Moat House Hotel, Stoke. Registration forms are now available on our website www.nationaltwinshock.co.uk or our Facebook page Twinshock MX.

There are Twinshock classes for Clubman, Intermediate, Expert, 125, Over 50’s & 60’s riders, plus Evolution Open & 125 riders, and finally the Veterans class on any bike for over 40 & 50 riders.

For 2017, we have a seven round series, with two double headers at Hawkstone and Pontrilas.

April 16 Cumbria TSC at Polesworth, Staffs,

April 29 (Saturday) Cumbria TSC at Hawkstone Park (Inc. Matt Murphy Memorial),

May 21 Yorkshire TSC at Finningley, Doncaster.

June 18 Lancashire TSC at Eskham House Farm, Garstang, Lancaster.

July 23 Yorkshire TSC at Wilberfoss, York.

August 27/28 Cumbria TSC at Hawkstone Park. (Incl. Festival of Legends),

September 23/24 Cumbria TSC at Howton Court, Pontrilas, Hereford.

For those of you who are new to twinshock racing, your registration allows you to score points in your chosen championship class for the end of season awards, although you may ride as many classes on the day as you can afford for trophies.

All our events are run by IOPD affiliated clubs and therefore you MUST buy an annual or day licence. Annual licences can now be paid for by sending direct to Geoff Shuttleworth, to avoid the nightmare of queuing at round one, cost just £15 or £5 for a day licence. These will be issued by Cumbria TSC at the first event you enter. We will again be using transponders, which can be bought direct from HS Sports or hired at each event by giving Chloe Hudson a weeks notice prior to each event.

We are still looking for event sponsors at the cheapest rate in the country, which includes use of trackside banners, trade stand space and programme advert at all rounds, so if you are interested and you want to give your company some extra publicity please give us a call. Finally, if you have any questions on the above please do not hesitate to ask, and let’s have another cracking twinshock season in 2017.

Geoff Shuttleworth 01524-824409 (Home) after 6pm or e mail geoff.shuttleworth121@0outlook.com